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Python Snake 

Family Boidae



Python is a common name for Nonpoisonous snakes of boa and python family. Pythons are large and muscular, and kill their prey by squeezing, or constricting, until it suffocates. Although most feed on small mammals, some large species can kill and swallow small pigs and goats. Rarely have they killed humans. 

Pythons range from 1 to 10 m (3 to 33 ft) long and weigh up to 140 kg (300 lb). The female lays 15 to 100 eggs, and broods them until they hatch. 

They are found in the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Pacific islands. 


The reticulated python of Southeast Asia is among the largest snakes, reaching a length of 10 m (33 ft). Other well-known pythons are the Indian python, a favorite of snake handlers; African rock python; ball or royal python of equatorial Africa, which curls into a ball and can be rolled on the ground.

Diamond snake or Carpet snake, also diamond python, common name for a large constricting snakefound in Australia and New Guinea. It is named for diamond-shaped markings of yellow and black on the back and abdomen.